Rodney Seppala - CEO

Rodney is a good driver of golf balls and people alike. Whether it’s a client’s home or one of his employees, Rodney knows that it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most. In order to create beautiful interiors, he first focuses on fostering the growth and development of his employees. He uses many different tactics, but his favorite is to draw from his deep well of Zig Ziglar quotes. Since purchasing Triumph Interiors in 2007, it has been his passion to create an energetic, positive environment that promotes a fulfilling buying and selling experience. His bright smile and knowledge of interiors makes customers feel right at home while designing their kitchen.

Shawn Seppala - CFO

Shawn is known as the “money man” or the “bean counter” unless we are talking about coffee beans, he is more of an estimator on that front. Even before his morning coffee, Shawn is a high energy, self motivator with a knack for getting things done. He uses his proactive nature to oversee the sales and operations at Triumph. Shawn’s eye for what’s next gives Triumph a competitive edge. While the other guys are looking to make a move, Shawn is already drinking his celebratory coffee.

Dawn Seppala - Human Resources

Dawn is known as “mom” by her three children, but has the title of Human Resource Director at Triumph. As a generous encourager, she is charged with keeping Triumph’s atmosphere upbeat and positive. Don’t let her soft spoken nature fool you, she has the ability to get things done at a rate that leaves the rest of us exhausted from just watching her. Dawn uses this energy and her knowledge that food is the way to anyone’s heart to implement marketing tactics such as “Foodie Fridays” which keep Triumph’s employees and the community well fed and happy.


Kale Stenersen - VP Sales

Although, he is aware that his first name doubles as every hipster’s favorite vegetable, he identifies as more of a ham and cheese sandwich type of guy. His ability to crunch numbers makes him perfect for sales and ordering. He uses his knowledge of construction and attention to the most minute details to help him make the best decisions for the customer. Combine this with effective communication skills and Kale creates an efficient and fulfilling buying experience - the Triumph difference.

As an interior designer who works very closely with a builder, I have done several kitchens with Triumph Interiors, including my own personal kitchen. For all of my projects I have worked with Kale, who is always professional, helpful, and a great listener! He always works with my design ideas, adds suggestions as needed, and is very accommodating with budget restrictions!
— Amber, Westminster, MA

Michael Babineau - Sales

Like all good Granite-staters, Mike checks the box of “Subaru Enthusiast”. He is warm and inviting which makes customers feel right at home, even before they have one! His creative marketing background brings fresh eyes to kitchen interiors and allows him to think outside the box. Add in his design thinking skills and you have the perfect mixture, giving him the ability to interpret the customer’s needs and cast a vision, seeing the end from the beginning.


Klayton Stenersen - Sales

If Klayton could change places with anyone for a day it would be the President of the United States. Not because he’s extremely interested in politics, but because he wants to pardon himself from all speeding tickets. As a versatile Sales Representative for Triumph, he spends much of his time interacting with both new and existing customers. Klayton’s construction background combined with his passion for kitchens allows him to see the bigger picture, while providing the best interior solution for the client.


Jody Rautiola - Bookeeper

Jody is one of the friendly faces that you will meet upon entering Triumph Interiors. Her experience and skills as a mother of four transfers seamlessly to her secretarial duties, where she is tasked with paying bills and keeping the showroom clean and welcoming. When she isn’t focusing on accounts payable and accounts receivable, she is secretly learning all she needs to know about kitchens in order to start a new home improvement TV show called “Upper Fixer.”


Milo Seppala - Logistics

Milo’s biggest pet peeve is when clocks aren’t set on the correct time. It’s this attention to detail that gives him the ability to promptly and accurately deliver products to the customer. He keeps watch like a hawk over the warehouse inventory by making sure everything is clean and orderly. If something is out of place in the warehouse, he’ll assure you, it isn’t.


Aaron Corcoran - Logistics

If Aaron is delivering your kitchen, two things are for certain; it will be delivered in a timely and accurate manner, and he will be wearing a Boston Bruins sweatshirt. When he isn’t out on a delivery you can find him back at the warehouse preparing for one. With Aaron overseeing Triumph’s inventory levels and delivery vehicles, you can rest assured knowing that your kitchen is in good hands.


Diane Seppala - Reception

When you walk into Triumph’s showroom in Rindge, NH - two things will happen immediately. One, you’ll see a beautiful kitchen that you wish was in your own home; two, Diane will greet you with the friendliest face you’ll ever see and a cold bottle of water. When Diane was hired in early 2018, Triumph knew the business was going to start receiving a lot more foot traffic!


Mike Fafard - Installer

Triumph knew they were missing a key piece of the puzzle before they hired Mike at the end of 2018. Mike is an expert carpenter and has been installing cabinets as long as he can remember. Mike can make almost anything you can imagine out of wood from scratch. With nail bags on his hips, and a smile on his face, Mike always enters a customer’s home as a guest and leaves as a friend.


Tommy Milbert - Estimator

Tommy is a vibrant asset to Triumph - along with making birdie putts - his sole mission is to produce quality work, no matter what his task is. He spends most of his work week crunching numbers and making countless Excel spreadsheets, inside one of Triumph’s many beautiful office spaces. Tommy spends a lot of his day constructively thinking, and when you see his light bulb go on - lookout!